Welcome to National Claims Consultants & Investigations LLC

NCCI provides our clients best factual information in claims matters. Our services involve claims consulting and investigation in Property, Casualty, Workers Compensation, Medical, and Auto Liability. Our Staff Members have been selected because of their experience and professional qualifications. NCCI strives to develop business partnerships, not just vendor relationships with our clients.

National Claims Consultants and Investigations, LLC was formed to provide a single source for your investigation and claim SIU needs.

Any type of insurance defense investigation can be accomplished through one call, fax, or e-mail.

We have a team of skilled professionals and a network of experts available nationally, to find the facts ethically, and provide reporting, where needed, to satisfy governmental requirements.

We invite you to browse the specific lines of business we cover.

Remember, there is only one call required for your entire claim file.

Call us today: 816-478-2433



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